If you are a new parent, chances are that you might not have heard of baby travel systems. That is understandable as they are a reasonably new product to the baby carriage market. What they are is basically the pairing of a stroller and a car seat to produce a much more convenient way to carry babies from A to B in the modern era. The aim is to offer a travel system for babies that will help parents carry their young child or children as they go about their daily lives. The kind of baby travel systems UK can come from a classic stroller or can be one from the newer band of baby travel system prams. The child’s seat is usually small in size compared to other child seats since it is created for infants in their first three or four months. Of course, this does little to clarify the advantages of these 3 in 1 baby travel system pushchairs.

One particular benefit of these baby travel systems prams is that they help parents to receive more for their cash. Purchasing the items in a typical travel system combo separately will in most case be much more expensive. Thus, one will save a lot more by buying the bundled options.

For anyone interested in the advantages that the 3 in 1 Travel System Prams offer over the traditional prams and pushchairs, take a look at the following best travel systems reviews and ratings:

COSATTO Giggle 2 Travel System

Description of the product: COSSATTO is one of the most popular travel systems prams UK in the baby pram and pushchair market. This product is the brands latest and is accompanied by their slogan “Baby stuff with personality”.

List of features:

• One of the best travel systems for baby with an all-around suspension

• This 3 in 1 travel systems UK can easily be transformed from a carry-cot to a push-chair

• It weighs 20kg

• Has an adjustable handle height which is a good option for any baby travel system

• It has toy loops by its hood


• It is compact and easy to fold

• It is comfortable for the baby to be in for hours

• Comes free with changing bag


• It is recommended for children 6 months and above

• Car seat is sold separately, car seats will be included in the next model

• Cosatto car seats are not yet compatible with American car seat bases

Overall review: This travel system for babies has everything one will expect to find in one of the best travel systems for baby. It is also noted for its reliability and can be taken anywhere, whether huge or tight spaces. But the producer still needs to deal with the car seat issue since almost every traveler needs this for their baby.

TecTake 3 in 1 Pushchair stroller combi stroller buggy baby jogger travel buggy.

Description of the product: This travel system pram also has a lot to offer its buyers. It is lightweight because of it’s frame which is made of aluminum, and it is suitable for use as a sport stroller and for normal baby stroller purposes.

List of features:

• It is a water resistant travel system pram

• It is lockable 360 degrees swivel double front rubber wheel

• It weighs 10kg with the baby carrier and hood and 9 kg with the sports attachment and hood

• Has an adjustable handle height

• It has 2 plastic rear wheels


• It is suitable for 1-day old until 6-months of age and is one of the best travel systems for baby in this age group.

• It is suitable for up to 3 years with the sports seat

• Comes free with the mosquito net and rain cover


• It has limited use for the stroller or baby carrier features

• They have no deliveries for UK islands

• The baby stroller can not be converted to a double push chair

Overall review: The TecTake 3 in 1 Pushchair stroller combi is perfect for any situation. The 3 in 1 travel system stroller is versatile, easy to use, light in weight and folds very easily. 39 people who reviewed it on Amazon gave it a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Graco LiteRider LX Travel System

Description of the product: This travel system pram is a package suitable for most babies. It has a car sear with it that is suitable for children from birth. The pushchair itself is lightweight and features a quick one-handed folding mechanism for your convenience.

List of features:

• This baby travel system has a high Safety and comfort rating

• You can easily connect and remove the car seat with one click

• It weighs 11.6kg

• It has a storage friendly feature


• Includes baby car seat and rain cover

• It has 4 reclining positions

• A Compact lightweight travel system that is suitable for daily use and for travel

* The pushchair can be folded very easily with the aid of its one hand folding mechanism

* The pushchair can be used from newborn to three years.


• The car seat in this baby travel systems UK is not adjustable

• You can’t guarantee full support on new born babies, not until the baby is 5-months old

Overall review: This baby travel system has everything you could ask for, from the car seats to the rain cover, the package is a really good deal. It also has rubber wheels that could hold the stroller on sloppy concretes. It scores very high on a lot of the best travel systems reviews online including Amazon where users have given it an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

i-Safe Complete Trio Travel System Pram & Luxury Stroller

Description of the product: This travel system UK is known for being a true state of the art stroller that offers a luxury feeling to your baby. It is complete with boot cover, luxury liner, harness, and a shopping basket. It also comes with a zipper on top and a car seat.

List of features:

• Rubber Inflatable wheels

• It can easily be converted from a carry cot to a stroller

• Comfort for sleeping and an sitting mode

• Has parent and forward facing feature with easy click system


• It offers great deal of package: Car seat, shopping bag, boot cover, 5-point harness

• It is comfortable for the baby whether to sit or sleep

• Easy to bring and is convertible


• The general view from a lot of past users is that it is not the most last long travel systems pram on the list

• Does not come with a rain cover, head and foot muff

Overall review: This travel systems stroller has a lot to offer. Having said that the consumer’s reviews on it’s durability is not so good.

Hauck Shopper Trio Set Travel System – Almond/Caviar

Description of the product: This is another travel system pram that is practical and is suitable for your child from birth. You can choose car seats for new borns, both options provide safe environment for babies. And once your child has already grown up and can be left unattended for minutes then you can transfer to the shopper stroller

List of features:

• It includes the car seat and the rain cover with the stroller

• It can easily be transformed from a carry-cot to a push-chair

• It is lightweight because of its robust frame

• Has a parent tray with cup holders

• Has a five point harness and removable bumper car


• Rain cover fits all 3 stages of baby carrying

• It is comfortable for the baby to be in for hours

• You won’t be needing bases for the car seats as it would fit securely in your car


• There are only two metal supports(rain cover) for the carry cot to appear flat

• Car seat cannot face forward

Overall review: This baby travel systems UK has very good features and its pros far out weigh the cons. In addition, its 4.5 overall star rating on amazon is a good indication that it will make excellent buy for its purchasers.